Review: Romancing the Werewolf by G.L. Carriger

Guys, it is worth the wait.  This novella is delightful.  It gave me so many vibes that I got from Soulless.  Maybe I’m was just that I first read Soulless on a grey and rainy English day in early November, and I read Romancing the Werewolf on a grey and rainy PNW day in late-October. 

516liqf-sqlThere are definite tonal similarities with Soulless and I would suggest re-reading a Timeless at the very least.  This story picks up a lot of threads from that ending.  Probably also Imprudence.  And Manners and Mutiny, just to avoid any slight spoilers.  Carriger is an author I’d recommend reading by publication order!

I can see how writing this story got Carriger into the headspace for The Sumage Solution.  Dear Biffy gives us a different kind of Alpha male, similar to Alex, but it’s not a rehash.  Both Alphas are gay and not the hyper-masculine type that the phrase generally refers to. Carriger is about the only author I trust with the urban fantasy alpha/beta/gamma/ trope.

Biffy isn’t really bogged down by his sexuality.  He wants to be the best leader for his pack, whom we get to meet in greater detail than we have in the previous books.  And I assume we will be seeing this pack in the future Claw and Courtship novellas!  

Lyall is still his quiet and efficient self, interestingly inwardly as well.  His romance with Biffy is wonderfully balanced  They are the cutest.

The sex scenes are sweeter than those in The Sumage, less explicit which fits the tone of the story perfectly.  The plot is interesting, but not heavy, and it adds another layer to our understanding of supernaturals in the Parasolverse.  Also, it makes for silliness and drama, werewolf dandies and babies.  (Babies always make for silliness and drama.)

I loved getting this dose of the Parasolverse (Easter eggs abound!) and I’m, as always, ready for the next of Carriger’s delightful, romantic novellas.

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