Auto-Read Authors

Last fall I did a post about my auto-buy authors and maybe-buys, but as it’s the topic for Monthly Recommendations this month, I thought I’d check-in with myself again and see what may have changed.

Gail Carriger:  How in the HECK did I miss her last time?  I guess I’m a little lukewarm on Prudence and the first two books in the Custard Protocols, but dang I love Soulless, the novellas, and I really enjoyed the new Sumage Solution.  I am already champing at the bit for the next two novellas (that I know of) and the next San Andreas Shifters book.  And I will certainly try out Competance (CP #3) when it comes out, but maybe not asap.

New authors I am loving but haven’t read enough by for auto-read:

Genevieve Valentine – I LOVELOVELOVE The Girls at the Kingfisher Club.  Persona was amazing.  I will pick up anything Valentine writes.

Robin LaFevers – His Fair Assassin series is awesome.  I’m so ready for this next book.  (Although I found her middle grade series a little. . .colonial. . .?)

Kate Elliott – I am SO EXCITED FOR BURIED HEART.  Also she has such a big backlog that I’ve got so many great hours of reading ahead of me.

Becky Chambers – She writes books that are the kind of books I want to read for the rest of my life.  I think I described Long Way. . . as “the kind of book I’ve been wanting to read, trying to find.”

Lindy West – I want her to be my best friend.  I’m determined to cross paths with her again.  But, I mean not in a stalker way, just that I met her at a signing and I want to tell her how much I loved her book.

Rachel Hartman – I find that her books are slow for me to get started with and then not far in, I’m totally enthralled.  I think she’s got a book coming out next year, but as of right now, I am all caught up.  Bring it on, Rach!

Rae Carson – The Girl of Fire and Thorns was delightful, the kind of fantasy that makes me feel really helpful about the genre.  I know that Native rep is shaky in her newest series, but I hope to find more delight in her writing.

Rachel Caine – Prince of Shadows rocked my socks, so I’m hoping that Caine will keep rocking my socks in her future books.



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