Thoughts on Trigger Warnings

I recently saw a video by squibblesreads where she talks about her reading tastes which lean toward “difficult” topics and about trigger warnings when she’s discussing the books.  I had a few thoughts about trigger warnings, mainly in books, but overall, which I thought I’d share here.

I don’t give trigger warnings because I don’t read many books that have “difficult” topics or triggering topics.  Personally, I see trigger warnings as mainly being about rape, sexual assault, etc.  Our society gives so little attention and credibility to sexual assault, that to me, trigger warnings are a way to note that this big issue that may be an unresolved personal trauma for someone.  I don’t think that people should avoid talking about something relevant to their work, but I also don’t think that people who have experienced an unsolved trauma, especially if it remains unresolved because of societal bias, should be treated as though their bad experience doesn’t matter.

Now, I have not experienced any kind of trauma that might elicit any kind of trigger warning, so I’m not trying to minimize other types of trauma or invalidating how people may feel when triggered about those situations.  However, I do understand the side about how we can’t trigger warning the world, so that we all must find a way to deal with ourselves and our triggers.  I’m a bit sensitive about abuse and violence in stories, and that’s something I’m working on learning to create responses to in myself to better deal with it.  Hopefully, we’ll learn more about how different traumas influence people and how we can better respond as a society to the healing and processing of those events.


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