Library Extension: Or Why I Link to Goodreads and Amazon

Or, Library Extension is the best.

Amazon is such a big bad behemoth these days, not one that people who love libraries and independent bookstores encourage each other to use.  And Amazon’s insidious fingers are everywhere behind all sorts of false fronts (Goodreads, Abe Books, Book Depository, Shelfari (defunct), LibraryThing, Audible, IMDB), just like the nefarious Coca-Cola Company, or Nestle.

As a librarian-in-training, I understand and appreciate the immense comprehensive data that these sites under the Amazon umbrella have.  I know that I can go to Amazon or Goodreads and look up the ISBN, or number of pages for pretty much any book and it will be there in some capacity.  Or it doesn’t exist.  (At least that’s how it feels.)  Goodreads even has pretty good clarity about which edition a book is, which is something that Amazon still struggles to understand!  (FRBR, aim I right, librarians?)

However, my conflicted feelings about being on a super giant corporate website, letting them collect my metadata with no laws or regulations about what they do with it, and being tempted by shiny new purchases, were swept away when I got Library Extension.

Library Extension hooks me up with my local library system, and when I go on Amazon, Goodreads, or even Barnes and Noble, I can see how many copies of that item (only books) that my library has in physical, ebook, large print, with links that take me to my library’s page for that book so I can check it out or place a hold.  So, now going to Amazon is like going to my library website.  Book people are so smart.

So, that’s my story.  Amazon and Goodreads are comprehensive websites in terms of content, and Library Extension helps me use my library by bringing the library catalog with me to the commercial websites I’m viewing books on.


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