Books I’d Like to See As TV Shows: Top Five Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is hosted by Sam of Thoughts on Tomes.  This is an old Top 5 Wednesday done by everyone else on September 14th, but I liked the topic, so here I am doing it late.

Confession time: I’m one of those people who would almost always choose to read/listen to a book than watch TV.  I do have some favorite shows, but most of the TV-watching in my house is Octonauts (my kids) or in-season sports (my husband).  And Great British Bakeoff (all of us).  But, I do love a good adaptation and I think that some stories do much better on screen than off.

1. Persona by Genevieve Valentine

I was reading the second (final?) book in this series at the same time as my husband and I started watching Alias.  Maybe it was that which influenced me, but I feel like the second book at least, was a tad bit slow and hard to visualize.  I think that the action would be a lot clearer and more punchy with some music and a bombing cast.  It would also underscore the diversity of the characters in this series as TV shows are immediately obvious where it has to be introduced neatly into a scene.

2. London Steampunk by Bec McMaster

I saw this on a list once of books that should be made into TV shows, and I can’t stop thinking of how cool it would be.   I mean, it’s one of my faves, so it obviously was going to be here.  But, it also has great action, great characters, great romance, and a setting that is pretty meaty.  It would be pretty fun on TV!

3. His Fair Assassin by Robin LeFevers

Like The Tudors, but girl assassin nuns.  Maybe.  I can’t decide if I could watch Sybella’s story.  I can barely manage to read some parts of it.  But it would have that GoT look, except you know, with girls doing all the actioning and ruling and killing.

4. American Fairy Series by Sarah Zettel

A series that explores struggles with being from two worlds, both as a mixed race girl, and a half-fairy/half-human girl.  Set during the Depression in the Dust Bowl, then Golden Era Hollywood, then Chicago, I think this series would really find a lot of love from viewers.  I wish more people talked about it, so a   Also, the fairies are the Seelie/Unseelie courts, and the Unseelie are the protagonist’s family, they are portrayed as jazz dancing African-Americans.  We need to see this story (done with care, obviously).

5. The Mapmaker’s Trilogy by S.E. Grove

This series was so imaginative, but so hard for me to visualize sometimes.  The writing wasn’t always up to scratch for the ideas, so I think that a visual media version of the story (done well) could really help to smooth out some of the rough edges.  And the fact that several of the supporting characters are Indigenous peoples (though in alternate worlds) would be much more apparent on screen.

So many other choices, so few funding opportunities.



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