Authors to Start–and Hopefully Love!

I try to be pretty thorough on authors that I love, reading all they have to offer, and I can just about read faster than they can write ’em.  There are some authors on my radar whom I am planning to jump into, and hopefully fall madly in love with their work.

25578836Nalini Singh

Singh writes paranormal romance, and I’ve heard that a LOT of people love her books, especially fans of Meljean Brook.  I ADORE Brook’s Iron Seas, so I have high hopes for Singh’s writing + me = obsession.

Seanan McGuire

Rosemary and Rue is sitting in my audiobook queue.  After seeing McGuire tell off readers who wanted to know when her heroines would be raped, because they are active women out there putting badly behaved men in their place, I am totally interested in McGuire as an author and I hope that her writing will be for me.

6342491Cinda Williams Chima

People have been gaga over Chima’s Wizard Heir and Seven Realms series.  I am intrigued, but I am not a big fan of high fantasy, so I am always a little hesitant going in.  Here’s to hoping that this will be my new fantasyland luv!

Elena Ferrante

Ferrante is famous for both her fabulous writing and for being a pseudonym for a woman who does not want to be revealed.  I studied Italian in college, studied abroad in Rome, and traveled a little around Naples.  I hope that Ferrante’s powerful writing will knock me right over.

17311580Eliot Schrafer

So, not many people may know that I am a total ape fanatic (which is why I don’t buy anything with palm oil–bye, bye Nutella).  I studied anthropology in college and my favorite class was primatology.  A YA fictional book series focusing on apes, conservation, and primatology?  This has my name on it.


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