On Not Binge-reading

18938929I’m going to talk here about not being able to binge books.  I know that there are book bloggers and vloggers who save up series to binge read, preferring not to wait.  However, this just doesn’t work for me.

I find that if I try to binge on several books by an author or in a series by the time I’m part of the way through the second book I get a feeling that can be best described as fatigue or “feeling like an old sock.”  (Cut me some slack, I was like 12 when I had this thought; this fatigue has been happening since forever for me.)

Most recently this fatigue happened to me while listening to Sonali Dev’s The Bollywood
and The Bollywood Bride, two adult romance books about Indian couples with varying 17707787ties to the Bollywood Industry.  While I wasn’t 100% in love with either one of these books, I really enjoyed the perspective Dev offered with in-depth knowledge of Indian culture (and the food descriptions made me SO hungry).  I enjoyed the feel of The Bollywood Affair and was on Spring Break and doing all those things I can’t do while in class (i.e. sewing, walking, cleaning, etc.), so I picked up The Bollywood Bride.  I enjoyed it, but also had my classic binge reaction, which is about 60% through the second book I began to feel very meh about the whole thing.  I finished The Bollywood Bride and I did like it, to the point that I’m not sure I could say whether I liked it more than The Bollywood Affair or not.  But, that last 40% was a slog and I definitely mentally disengaged somewhat.

I usually remember important parts about plot, characters, etc while reading, so that need to pick up a book to re-read before picking up a sequel isn’t quite as necessary for me.  22299763(Also, see future post on why I am not good at re-reading and why that is a good limiting factor for my book collection.)  And I know that no matter how rabidly desperate I feel about wanting to begin the next story, it is usually in the interest of my reading enjoyment to slow myself down and have a little break before diving into the next book in a series.  For this, I find that I don’t mind a little bit of a wait for release dates.  (Although a year for The Winner’s Kiss was excessive, am I right???)  So, I’m kind of ok with 5 months until Crooked Kingdom because I wouldn’t be able to read it right away after Six of Crows anyway.23437156

Now, when it comes to reading a book, I am a gobbler, so slow is certainly not my standard pace for everything to do with reading.  But I am not a binger.  Anyone else find that binging-reading (or binge-watching with TV and movies) just doesn’t work for them?


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