Top Five Wednesday: February 10 “Books You Were Spoiled For”

Top Five Wednesday Creator: Lainey

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So, my confession about what a bad reader I am, is that not infrequently I will read the last sentence or last page when I am part of the way through a book.  I know this sounds like sacrilege, and it is only recently, through watching movies and reading stories with my preschooler that I have realized why I do it.  I want to reduce the tension.

My daughter has never liked rising tension in a story.  She finds it stressful when the music rises in a movie, raising the tension of the mood.  She was almost in tears last night as we read Peter Rabbit, when Mr. McGregor was chasing him.  And I have realized that I am a little like that too.  Not to the degree that she is, crying about Mr. McGregor, but when I am reading sometimes I find myself feeling too anxious, too invested in a character (particularly vulnerable characters), and I need to cut that tension by grabbing the ending and holding on to it, knowing that everything will be alright at the end.  A shift in my reading mediums, from paper to ebook and audio, has broken this habit, or at least reduced it.

That said, I am rarely upset or put off by being spoiled.  I usually just avoid looking at anything about a book online if I am certain I want to experience it unspoiled.  I was worried about going online when it took me 2 1/2 weeks to see The Force Awakens.  For me, there is reading to find out WHAT happens, and then there is reading (usually re-reading) to find out HOW it happens.   

The two I came up with here are actually books that I haven’t read much of, partially because of spoilers.  I will talk about my experience with the spoiler and the book, not about details that actually spoil them for anyone who hasn’t read it.

1. Allegiant by Veronica Roth17383918

This is a big one for a lot of people, and while I was spoiled for it, I also wasn’t really upset about it.  Surprised and a little impressed that the author could and would take such a turn, but not upset.

I read Divergent, long after the hype, and found it ok.  I am not a big fan of first-person narratives, I don’t really like all the sorting and boxing up of people into official categories (although I understand this was some of what Divergent was breaking down), and I just do not understand how their city functions with only minimal access to farm ground.  How do they get their fancy new clothes?  How do they build sleek, pristine black and white spaces for Candor?  How do they get good soap to keep all the whites white and the blacks black?  Where do they get the stores of ink and clean needles for the Dauntless tattoos?  I just don’t understand the basics of how the world functions. Cities don’t exist in a vacuum, everything is brought in.  Maybe Allegiant addresses this and I’m just missing out.

I’m not going to pick up the last two books, but I have mostly enjoyed the movies.  I’m looking forward to the one coming out this year, and I’m hoping it will address some of these weird holes in the world.  And here, I don’t mind the spoiler! 😉

2. Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson16429619

I spoiled myself on this by reading the synopsis of the next book, Heart of Betrayal.  I wasn’t totally taken with the book description for Kiss of Deception, essentially, princess runs away from an arranged marriage which will bring peace, and she is tracked down by an assassin and the prince.  It seemed to be build on a love triangle, which just didn’t really appeal to me.  But, it got rave reviews on booktube, especially from the smart Sam of Thoughts on Tomes.  (I love how thoughtful she is in her reviews and trust her opinions.)  I looked up the next book to see if that synopsis gave me anything that would interest me and get me excited for the series.  And found out who is the prince and who is the assassin.  

I don’t know if this spoiler ruined the hum of the book, but when I started reading it, I just wasn’t engaged.  I didn’t care about any of the characters all that much, it seemed really obvious who was the prince and who was the assassin, I didn’t get enough world to really capture my attention, and I DNF’d it.  I think in this case, the spoiler really did spoil the book for me.  Sad face for spoilers living up to their name.


Does anyone else out there read endings before they reach them?  Are there times you don’t mind spoilers?


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